Our Partners

We look forward to continuing partnering with these and all stakeholders towards realising the vision of a relevant, reliable, responsive, compliant and customer-focused Caribbean laboratory service.

Our very experienced CMLF technical team has a long-standing tradition and track record of collaboration and harmonious relationships with multi-partners in the Caribbean and other regions who have all worked towards the strengthening of laboratory quality systems. We approach this laboratory strengthening with the understanding that accreditation is not the only goal for labs and that laboratory quality has many dimensions that requires support from a wide range of technical partners. In recognition of the importance of the multi-partner approach and CMLF seeks with every intervention with countries to ensure that its work is complimentary to and promotes joint interventions with partners.

In continuing this very challenging journey, the collective effort of the many laboratory and blood bank stakeholders and partners is critical. It is our collective effort that will define and determine the success of this initiative. The range of stakeholders includes:

  • Governments and other regulatory authorities, laboratory staff,
  • Partners – regional and international working in the field of laboratory strengthening,
  • blood transfusion services,
  • clinician users,
  • trainers and training institutions,
  • suppliers and manufacturers,
  • health administrators,
  • significant users and drivers of laboratory services such as insurance companies and the tourism industry and
  • above all the regional publics.

Caribbean Standards Bureaux and Accreditation Bodies, in particular, have a critical role and responsibility in this transformation process. Collaboration between all partners is critical to the region’s success.