Local Capacity for Local Solutions (LCLS)

August 2019 to January 2020

As CMLF strives to fulfil its vision as the regional champion for best practice in medical laboratory services, and specifically to improve quality and access to HIV and STI testing for KPs, we recognise as critical, the need to strengthen the managerial capacities of our organisation. In discussions with the Board and during the capacity assessment recently conducted by USAID Local Capacity for Local Solutions (LCLS) Grant, the CMLF gaps identified were financial sustainability and marketing and communication. This Comprehensive Capacity Building Grant being offered by USAID/RTI/CPDC was a timely intervention that can be used to take CMLF closer to achieving sustainability in its operations. Therefore, we have received a capacity building grant in the following focal areas:

  • Fundraising and financial sustainability,
  • Marketing and Communication.

Under this project,

CMLF has hired a Consultant who undertook the development of a comprehensive fundraising and marketing plan with specific targets and guide the upgrading of organisational systems to ensure sustainability and resourcing of CMLF.

It was expected that this intervention will result in CMLF identifying and establishing ongoing protocols, including responsibilities and systems for:

  1. Fundraising and accessing financing on a sustainable basis with a mix of grants and donor funding, fee for service, membership fees and other available options.
  2. Identification and implementation of ongoing protocols, including responsibilities and systems for marketing and communicating the organization’s work and services through traditional and social media.