Across the Continuum of HIV Services for Key Populations (April 2018 to September 2018)

The LINKAGES project helps countries to use evidence‐based approaches to make comprehensive HIV services easily available to key populations (KP) and to sustain those services. Family Health International (FHI) 360 and its partners will provide overarching technical leadership in KP programming and respond flexibly to USAID requests for support.

The LINKAGES project in Trinidad was designed to strengthen national responses to KPs including the Government of Trinidad, KP leaders, organisations working with KPs, and private-sector providers to plan and implement services that support national and global goals in mitigating the HIV and AIDS epidemic, with a focus on KPs.

The project has supported the implementation of activities that have demonstrated marked improvements in access to and uptake of HIV testing, care, support and treatment services, specifically in and around Port of Spain.

Under this project, The objective is to,

  1. To engage the CMLF to participate in LINKAGES by providing technical assistance to select CSOs (Anglican Church, GROOTS, St Vincent DePaul Society and The OASIS Drop-in-Centre)
  2. To establish and support community testing services
  3. To support the Ministry of Health HIV/AIDS Coordinating Unit (HACU) efforts to reduce KP- and HIV-related stigma and discrimination and improve partner referral/notification in MOH and community testing sites
  4. To Provide the MOH with data to support updating national testing policies and protocols to enable a full range of testing services including self-testing in community testing sites.