CAREC EU – BIPAC Public Documents

The formation of this professional group resulted from activities under the umbrella of the CAREC European Union funded project “Strengthening of Medical Laboratories in the Caribbean” (SMLS). It was inaugurated on the 23rd November 2005 in Guyana when a Draft Constitution and bylaws of the Association as well as an agenda for future activities were finalized. At that workshop an interim Executive committee was established and in July 2006 an Executive was elected at an upgrading skills workshop. A database of biomedical resources within the Caribbean has been established.
The professional association embraces both biomedical engineers and technicians and allows associate membership. Its articles and bylaws are based on those of existing North American and European associations. The Professional Association of Biomedical Engineers/Technicians is a channel through which members can achieve the following:

  • Guide the educational policies governing their training.
  • Sustain a network that would facilitate the maintenance of laboratory and other health facility equipment and environments across the region after the SMLS Project ends.
  • Identify skills in the region thereby providing a channel for continuing opportunities.
  • Have access to the expertise of the region as well as the international arena.
  • Provide the opportunity to garner the experience and suggestions of others as plans are formulated to enhance the quality of laboratory service to the Caribbean community.

BIPAC Public Documents